Pilot Vision

A pilot’s most important sense is their eyesight! This is why we have partnered with Insight Vision Center Optometry to offer the very best in vision services.

Every pilot needs a yearly eye exam to ensure their best vision for flying. Insight Vision Center Optometry understands the needs and visual demands necessary to fly. Ask them about the Pilot’s Eye Exam.


Insight Vision Center Optometry
3151 Airway Ave. J-2
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Office: (714) 486-3315
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A Pilot’s Eye Exam includes the following tests:

  • Visual acuity (distance, intermediate, and near)
  • Color vision
  • Depth perception
  • Peripheral field
  • Eye scanning and focusing assessment
  • Updated glasses and/or contact lens prescription
  • Complete health examination of the eyes
  • Completion of Report of Eye Evaluation Form (FAA) if necessary

All One Above Aviation students will receive a $20 gift card towards a purchase of glasses or contacts. Contact your flight instructor for more information.

To read more about Pilot Vision check out the following safety brochure from the FAA.
FAA Vision brochure: Click here