Meet The Team

Simply put, we are proud of our growing team.

We believe that regular communication is the key to a successful operation and that everyone has a role to play. Fun is also a most important ingredient so that’s why we throw a party every quarter to say thank you to those involved in safe landings. From instructors, students, mechanics, aircraft owners to air traffic controllers together building a stronger aviation community.



George Hutton HeadshotMark has managed and flown flight operations for organizations such as CNN, the Los Angeles Lakers and Federal custom agents. He is best known for his innovative instructing techniques. His reputation and skills have led to opportunities flying for the local police department, as a safety pilot for the world’s leading helicopter factory & the airship for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Before joining the FAA registrar of pilots, Mark was in the city of London, running a number of highly successful currency brokerages. He became a United States citizen in July of 2012. He is an active supporter of education in developing countries.


ANNA ROBINSON, Director Of Operations

George Hutton HeadshotAnna built her aviation foundation at Cal State Los Angeles and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration. Her aviation experience spans FAR Part 61, 141, 135 and flight school operations at the 40th busiest airport in the United States. On her time off you’ll find Anna in the local dog park with her furry kids.




MELISSA ZIZZO, Operations Assistant

George Hutton HeadshotMelissa joined our operation in 2016 and has been flying since 2006. As a rated helicopter and instrument pilot her skills are excellent for the daily running of our operations. Melissa also has a big love for animals and has a skill for grooming them too!




JAMES BAKER, Chief Flight Instructor/Flight Line Manager

George Hutton HeadshotJames joined the Revolution Aviation team in 2014 and has made a name for himself in the industry as a safe and conscientious pilot. James has been flying for many years and is a leader for all the new hires. You’ll find James on his days off with his wife relaxing deservedly.




JORDY BARRYMORE, Senior Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotJordy Barrymore started flying at age 18 and teaching at 20 as an example of what can be achieved at such at young age! Now living the dream flying for a living in Southern California. He can teach you in English or Spanish.

On my off days, you’ll find me at the beach, surfing or free diving.



CHRIS CRAMPTON, Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotChris has have been flying helicopters since 2008. Born and raised in Southern California the LA Basin has been my flying backyard since day one. Flying helicopters is never the same day twice, it could be different weather, students, helicopters or destinations. Which makes every day an adventure in one of the hardest airspaces in the world. #ThisCouldBeYou



SANDRA GRONDIN, Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotSandra is qualified to teach in the R22 and the R44 helicopter. She holds both flight and instrument instructor ratings. Sandra goes above and beyond the call of duty and holds our students to the highest standards. She can teach you in French or English.




JOHN ALVARADO, Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotJohn has been flying since 2009. We are proud to have him teaching in the R22 and R44 helicopters. A father, husband and flight instructor you’ll find him very organized with his time. In his spare time you’ll see John at Starbucks.




W. Quincy Gray, Flight Instructor

Quincy is qualified to instruct and fly in the R22 and R44 helicopters for all students looking to obtain their private, instrument and commercial pilot license. He joins us from Northern California. In his spare time you’ll see him supporting our local city after school programs.




ART KORAL, Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotArt is the lead fixed wing instructor with Revolution Avition. With a vast military experience his skills are literally aerobatic. Art has been flying since 1996 and brings to the table a wealth of aviation knowledge and expertise. On his days off you’ll find him with his triplets!




Rich LaRue, Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotRich is a highly experienced instructor flying both planes and helicopters like our CEO. His knowledge compliments our level of training. On his days off you’ll see him at USC watching the next football game.




Andy Thompson, Lead Aircraft Mechanic

George Hutton HeadshotAndy is one of the most highly experienced mechanics in the world. Andy has travelled the globe and often carries out pre-buy inspections for aircraft purchases. Managing our whole fleet of aircraft his knowledge is unmatched. He’s been in aviation for over 35 years. In his spare time you’ll see Andy at yoga or choir practice.



Coco Jonny (Zhang), International Officer

Coco has a passion for aviation that is so invigorating. She graduated from University of California Irvine in 2015. Speaking several languages she is a very experienced linguist and loves to travel. On her days off you’ll see her discovering new local restaurants.