Meet The Team

We are proud of our dedicated team!

We believe that regular, transparent communication is an essential attribute of a successful operation and that everyone has a valuable role to play. In addition to a commitment to safety, FUN is also an important ingredient of One Above Aviation. That’s why we throw a “SOCIAL” Night regularly – to say thank you to all involved in the aviation community. From instructors, students, mechanics, aircraft owners, air traffic controllers, to future aviators – all are welcome to attend our SOCIAL Nights!



George Hutton HeadshotMark has managed and flown flight operations for organizations such as CNN, the Los Angeles Lakers and Federal custom agents. He is best known for his innovative instructing techniques. His reputation and skills have led to opportunities flying for the local police department, as a safety pilot for the world’s leading helicopter factory & the airship for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Before joining the FAA registrar of pilots, Mark was in the city of London, running a number of highly successful currency brokerages. He became a United States citizen in July of 2012. He is an active supporter of education in developing countries.

ANNA ROBINSON, Operations Director

George Hutton HeadshotCertificates Held: Student Pilot
Qualifications: Bachelor of Science, Aviation Administration
Honors: Graduated summa cum laude
From: Orange County, CA
Hobbies: Spending time with her dogs, gardening, growing plumerias


DANIEL BRUCE, Flight Instructor

Flight Experience: I started teaching in Los Angeles.
Qualifications: Commercial Pilot, CFI, CFII
Languages: English
Hometown: Huntington Beach
Favorite Things About Instructing: Being outside all the time.
Hobbies: Offroading.


Quincy Gray, Flight Instructor

Quincy is qualified to instruct and fly in the R22 and R44 helicopters for all students looking to obtain their private, instrument and commercial pilot license. He joins us from Northern California. In his spare time you’ll see him supporting our local city after school programs.


Sandra Grondin, Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotFlight Experience: Started flying helicopters in 2013
Qualifications: Commercial Pilot, CFI, CFII
Languages: English, French
Hometown: New Caledonia
Favorite Thing About Instructing: When you see your student that doesn’t need you in the left seat anymore!


TingTing Huang, Flight Instructor

Flight Experience: I’ve been flying for over 3 years.
Qualifications: Commercial Pilot, CFI, CFII
Languages: English, Chinese
Hometown: Beijing, China
Favorite Things About Instructing: I love flying with new people across the United States.
Hobbies: I’m an avid WeChat user.


Alexis Mira Picó, Flight Instructor

Flight Experience: Started flying helicopters in 2013 in Abbotsford, Canada. Have since flown in Hawaii and San Francisco
Qualifications: Commercial Pilot, CFI
Languages: English, Spanish
Hometown: Elche, Spain
Favorite Things About Instructing: Encouraging students to fly and fly safely
Hobbies: Biking to work, outdoors & new adventures

ART KORAL, Fixed-Wing Program Lead & Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotArt is the lead fixed wing instructor with One Above Aviation. With a vast military experience his skills are literally aerobatic. Art has been flying since 1996 and brings to the table a wealth of aviation knowledge and expertise. On his days off you’ll find him with his triplets!


Rich LaRue, Flight Instructor

George Hutton HeadshotRich is a highly experienced instructor flying both planes and helicopters like our CEO. His knowledge compliments our level of training. On his days off you’ll see him at USC watching the next football game.

Matt Schmidt, Flight Instructor

Experience: Flying since 2008, 2,000+ hours
Languages: English, a little Japanese and some Spanish
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA
Favorite Thing About Instructing: Being able to share the absolute joy in flying
Hobbies: Playing music DJ, guitar, ocean sports, snowboarding


Andy Thompson, Lead A&P Mechanic

George Hutton HeadshotExperience: Rotorcraft pilot since 1990, mechanic since 1977
Qualifications: Private Pilot, Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic
Languages: English, Helicopter
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Hobbies: Racquet sports, yoga & meditation, motorcycles