Helicopter Flight Training Packages & Pricing

Flying an R44 with Revolution AviationWe offer several rotorcraft (helicopter) courses. We have listed these courses in a typical student order to obtain a new helicopter pilot’s certificate or add-on ratings.

All flight schools must adhere to FAA standards on a pilot flight test, known as a check-ride.

  • PPL – Helicopter Private Pilot Course
  • IRH – Helicopter Instrument Course
  • CPL – Helicopter Commercial Pilot Course
  • CFI – Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor Course
  • CFII – Helicopter Certified Instrument Instructor Course
  • HATP – Helicopter Airline Transport Pilot Course

Advanced Courses Offered – MUST Already Hold Private Pilot’s Certificate in Helicopters

  • MTN – Helicopter Mountain Flying Course
  • RRW – Helicopter Refresher Training Course
  • FUL – Helicopter Full Touchdown Autorotation Course

Helicopter Pricing (Includes Instructor and Fuel)

Aircraft & Service Regular Rate/Hr Club Rate/Hr*
R22 VFR Rental $275 $265
R22 Flight Training $305 $290
R22 IFR Flight Training $340 $330
R44 Rental $495 $485
R44 Flight Training $570 $535
Cabri G2 VFR/IFR Flight Training
Coming Soon!
$390 $375
Cabri G2 Rental
Coming Soon!
$380 $365
Advanced Training Regular Rate/Hr Club Rate/Hr*
Turbine Transition $1,095 $1,045
R22 Full Touchdown Autorotation $25/touchdown $25/touchdown
R44 Full Touchdown Autorotation $35/touchdown $35/touchdown
1-on-1 Classroom Instruction $85 $70
Training With Chief Pilot Add $40/hr Add $40/hr
Flight Training In Owner Aircraft $105 $90
*Benefit from our club discount rates by paying a one-time membership enrollment of $299.


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