We recommend that you give us a call so you can speak to an experienced representative regarding any flight questions you may have. However, feel free to review our FAQs to scan over the most common questions regarding flight training.

Is it true that I need perfect, non-corrected vision to be a pilot?
Is there a certain age that I can start flight training?
What can I expect on my first day of flight school?
How many hours does it take to become a pilot?
Will I be able to find a pilot job once I’m qualified?
Why should I choose One Above Aviation?
I want to learn how to fly planes and helicopters. Which one should I try first?
Do I need to obtain a medical certificate to be a pilot?
I lost my medical certificate; how can I obtain a copy?
What is a medical certificate?
Who must hold a Medical Certificate?
What medical standards must I meet in order to qualify for a medical certificate?
What are the minimum and maximum ages for obtaining a medical certificate?
Can I appeal if my application for medical certification is denied?
What should I do if I hold a foreign medical certificate or endorsement and I want to exercise pilot privileges in the United States?
Can I search for a specific pilot in the FAA database?
Where can I find the nearest Flight Standards District Office (FSDO)?
Where can I find the nearest designated pilot examiner?
Where can I find FAA's Airman Knowledge Test Questions?
Where can I find FAA's Practical Test Standards?
Where can I access the Federal Aviation Regulations?
Where can I access FAA Advisory Circulars?
Where can I contact the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)?
Can I look up a specific aircraft tail number, also known as N number?
Are there any hidden fees?